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Gin! The Musical @ Animecon IX | Kuopion musiikkikeskus

By the demand of both the crew and the public, an upgraded version of Hopeanuoli!musikaali was performed in Animecon in the summer of 2012, in the city of Kuopio. Takahashi Yoshihiro, the creator of the Ginga Nagareboshi Gin-series, attended Animecon as the guest of honor. It was his second visit to

The renewed Gin! The Musical included both augmented as well as completely new scenes and musical numbers. Upgrades were also be made to many costumes and props. On the other hand, some things that seemed to have served their purpose by now were left out of the new version.

An official, edited recording of the performace will be available to watch on YouTube.

Playlist on Youtube!

@ Tracon VI | Tampere-talo | 3.9.2011

The premiere of Hopeanuoli!musikaali took place in the fall of 2011, in Tracon in the city of Tampere. The show was performed in the smaller auditorium, which to everybody's surprise was completely filled with audience, with some unfortunate ones even not fitting in.

The transcripts of the play
in English
日本語 (in Japanese)

Our musical on Youtube:

Hopeanuoli!musikaali: Son of Hokkaido! (English subtitles)

Hopeanuoli!musikaali: Roud of Courage! & A new dawn (English subtitles)

Full musical - filmed by Tracon staff

Full musical - filmed by JämsänOtakut