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Wilson: "Once far away in Japan, in the snowy mountains of Oū, a small tigerstriped akita dog's pup was born. He was named Gin. Tigerstriped akitas are known as the best of bearhounds, so a heavy burden of the future was cast on Gin's tiny shoulders.

For in the Oū mountains there roamed a dangerous and bloodthirsty bear called Akakabuto. Old hunter Gohei Takeda's bullet had once in the past pierced Akakabuto's right eye, damaging its central nervous system. And so the bear wouldn't even hybernate anymore, but terrorized the region, destroying and killing on its path. The Bearhunters were the region's only hope. Gin was only a small cub when his harsh training had begun, after his father Riki was killed by Akakabuto's claws.

It takes a lot of courage to complete this training. And Gin grows older and stronger, so that one day he'll be able to face Akakabuto - the murderer of his father and the terror of the villagers - and defeat it."



Hopeanuoli: "John! Don't startle me like that."
John: "Gin. Isn't it way past little puppies bed time."
Hopeanuoli: "I am no little puppy! I am on my way to meet the wild dogs of the mountain."
John: "So you've also heard about the wild dogs. We saw them, my master and I. They'd eaten a bear that we had brought down a few days before."
Hopeanuoli: "We saw them too! I'd like to meet their leader and maybe join them."
John: "Don't be a fool. We belong with our humans."
Hopeanuoli: "Well why do you want to meet them then?"
John: "To find out exactly what sort of dogs they are."


John: "I'll do the talking."
John: "You there! I want to meet your leader!"
Hopeanuoli: "John..."
Smith: "Who's that, Ben?"
Ben: "He was with some hunters."
Cross: "They killed a giant bear. We'd better be on our guard."

Smith: "Ben! Let's put their skill to the test."

Pilkkukoira: "A Big, Black... Bear.."

Cross: "Bear! Killed one of our comrades! I'll avenge him!"
Ben: "There is No time Cross! We'll get our revenge later. Let's go! ... You two, if you can make it over the ravine, you can come with us."
Hopeanuoli: "Over the ravine?"
John: "Covards! Leaving their comrade unavenged. Gin where are you going?"

(Yli Kuilun / Over the Ravine)

Ben: "I am Ben and I Lead the First Platoon. Our pack features total of 12 platoons. Ordered by the great leader, we are gathering strong male dogs to join our ranks."
Cross: "I am Cross. And I say females are also welcome to join. Some of us are stronger that most males."
Smith: "And I am Smith, leader of the Third Platoon. And I also think females are very welcome to join. Especially the good-looking ones."

Hopeanuoli: "I am Gin, and this is my friend John."
Ben: "It was a pretty good jump."
Cross&Smith: "Pretty good?! That pup made it further than any of us!"
Ben: "The winds were on his side. Well, do you still want to meet our boss?"
Hopeanuoli: "We do!"
Ben: "Boss is calling for us!"

(Tuttu haju I / A familiar scent)

Sniper: "Late again! Ben's lot, every single time! I demand an explanation!"
Smith: "It's not Bens fault. First we were attacked by a bear and then we found those two new dogs and..."
Sniper: "I will hear no excuses! You will come here on time, or don't come at all!"
Cross: "The officer seems to have noticed Ben's skills. He feels that his position being threatened. That's why it is so grumpy."
Sniper: "Maybe that german kind. But puppies are not be accepted into the pack!"
Hopeanuoli: "Father!!"

(Faija! / Father!)

Riki: "That's Enough!"
Sniper: "B-but.."
Riki: "You are all like sons to me! I am gratefull that you wish to serve me like your father.

All platoons have arrived. But! There's still not enough troops for us to be able to defeat the bears and secure the mountains for us wild dogs to live. Akakabuto has gathered other bears under his command and is preparing for a war against us.

At dawn you will set out on a your journey across Japan to find more strong males to join our cause. First, Second and Third platoon, go south! Fourth, Fifth and Sixth go north! Seventh, Eighth, Ninth to the west. And the rest towards east!

We will meet back here in three months at full moon. At that time no one will be late! The war against Akakabuto will begin. Is that understood?"

Pack: "Understood!"

Hopeanuoli: "I have to go to say goodbye to my mother and my owner. But I promise I'll come back by dawn."
Cross: "I trust you Gin."


John: "At first I was planning to challenge the boss and take control of the pack. But now I don't want to. They are all insane! Dogs alone cant defeat the bears, not without humans and their guns."
Hopeanuoli: "I don't agree with you John."
John: "And what was that "father" talk anyway? You shouldn't be sucking up to others like that."
Hopeanuoli: "But it really was my father."
John: "Only the week seek safety from packs. That "Leader" was an excelent example of that."
Hopeanuoli: "That's enough John!"

John: "...You'r eyes Gin. You are only a puppy but... Something in your eyes impresses even me."
Hopeanuoli: "John.."
John: "Gin.."
Hopeanuoli: "Will you take care of my owner as well while I'm gone."
John: "I will. But we will have long taken down Akakabuto before the wild dogs have their pack gathered so... don't get yourself killed for nothing Gin."

Hopeanuoli: "Mother.. I'm going away for some time."
Fuji: "Gin.. You'r eyes.."
Hopeanuoli: "What about my eyes?"
Fuji: "They are you'r father's eyes. Live happy."

(Tuttu haju II / A familiar scent)


Wilson: "At dawn, Gin returns to the pack just in time, when the leader sends the platoons out. The dogs run to different directions, some north, some east, some to west. Ben's group heads south and continues to runs ten days straight, until they arrive at the Kai mountains."

Ben: "Look, that is the city of Kofu. There we'll find Dogs... Who are ready to fight. I know this for I was born and raised here."
Hyena: "So why haven't we come here for reinforcements before?"
Ben: "That's because... Lets go!"

(Suolilievelaulu / Mesentery song)

Smith: "They sure were bloodthirsty."
Ben: "Those three are brothers."
Hopeanuoli: "You know those dogs Ben?"
Ben: "The red one is Akatora, he is the oldest of the three. The one-eyed is Kurotora and the one-eared one's called Chūtora. They fear nothing.. That's why they're so fearless."

Akatora: "I don't know who y'all are, but I sure don't appreciate you huntin' in our territory."
Ben: "We didn't come here to hunt, but to ask you to join my group."
Chutora: "To join your group?!"
Kurotora: "You've gotta be kiddin'!"
Akatora: "In that case you'll have to fight us."
Kurotora: "Every single one of you will die."

Ben: "Stay put! I will deal with this alone."

Hyena: "Oh no, we have to help him!"
Smith: "But Ben told us to stay put."
Hopeanuoli: "Three against one, how cowardly!"
Cross: "Hold on Gin! Now its three against three!"

Hopeanuoli: "You bastard! How can you fight against a girl!"
Chutora: "A girl?! I ain't touching no females."
Cross: "Schauvinist pigs! What does it matter? Hey mutt, don't you run away! You're fighting me!"

Akatora: "Stop it! It's... It's Ben! Ben who saved our lives when we were just tiny little pups."
Kurotora/Chutora: "Ben?!"
Ben: "I'm glad you finally remembered, Akatora."
Akatora: "Why have you come to look for us?"

Akatora: "We owe you our lives, and we'll come with you. We have, however, some unfinished business with a dog called Moss. I wanna KILL 'im before we leave."
Ben: "I understand. I'm also interested in meeting this Moss."
Akatora: ".. Lets go!"


Smith: "Where do you think you're going?"
Hyena: "W-What..? I-I suppose I'm allowed to relieve myself, now that we are taking a break..."
Smith: "Well don't go far."
Hyena: "I'm not a puppy like someone else!"
Hopeanuoli: "What?"
Smith: "Don't mind him Gin. That IDIOT should have stayed home, massaging Sniper's feet..."

Akatora: "Thanks, Ben, for coming with us. Moss is a powerful dog. He's been tryin' to get us to join his pack for some time now, but we've declined his offer."
Chutora: "The pig wasn't too happy about that."
Akatora: "He wants to add our hunting grounds to his territory."
Ben: "Is that so? He sounds like a good, strong dog to me. I'm going to ask him to come with us."
Kurotora: "I wonder if that'll work.."
Ben: "The rain has stopped. Its time to get going."
Smith: "Ben, wait. Hyena still hasn't returned. I'll go look for him. Hopeanuoli: "I'll go with you, Smith!"
Smith: "Okey."
Ben: "Oh, that spirit of youth... Gin won't stay still for a second."


Smith: "Gin, this is dangerous. We are inside Moss's territory."
Hopeanuoli: "Someones coming."
Smith: "Is it Hyena?"
Hopeanuoli: "N-No.. There is many of them, let's Hide!"

Smith: "But that's Sniper, what is he doing here?"

Sniper: "So you are Moss's son?"
Jaguar: "That's right. And who are you?"
Sniper: "Your death!"

Jaguar: "Lloyd!"
Sniper: "Son of Moss, I will tell you this, for you are about to die anyway. I'm going to start a war between Moss and Ben. Now, say goodbye!!
Hopeanuoli: "Stop it!"

Sniper: "What incredible agility!.. That whelp?! He really might be the boss's son... I have to kill him!"
Smith: "Nooooo!"

Hyena: "They drowned!"
Sniper: "Good. Now there is no way for anyone to prove that is was I, and not Ben, who killed Jaguar!"


Wilson: "Gin and Smith fell off a cliff into a river. The treacherous Sniper and Hyena didn't think they stood a chance of surviving the rapids below. But little did they know, that in the swelling stream, Gin was holding tightly onto the unconscious Smith's collar with his teeth, keeping his friend on the surface. But... but there was a waterfall ahead, and ..."

Akatora: "Aren't they takin' their sweet time. What are they doing? What if...!"

Kurotora: "Its Jaguar!"
Chutora: "Moss's Son!"
Akatora: "He's injured!"
Cross: "Oh no. You don't think Gin and Smith..."
Kurotora: "They might be dead by now."
Ben: "... Come on!"


Hopeanuoli: "Smith. Wake up, Breath! Smith..."
Smith: "Gin... You saved my life Gin."
Hopeanuoli: "Smith! You're alright! For a moment there I thought you wouldn't make it..."
Smith: "Don't be silly! Hurry now! We must warn Ben and the others."
Smith: "Come on, or I'll leave you alone in the... forest.."
Hopeanuoli: "What forest?"

Wilson: "In Moss's territory a battle has already begun. Moss's forces had found the dead Loyd, who had accompanied Jaguar, and so they believe that the tiger brothers and Ben have killed Jaguar as well. The battle has already taken a turn for worse, and that is what Gin and Smith now arrive to witness."

Smith: "Stop! This all is a missunderstanding."
Hopeanuoli: "Moss, Jaguar is alive! Sniper has fooled all of you. He's the one who attacked Jaguar, not Ben!"
Moss: "Whaat?"
Smith: "That's right, Gin and I saw everything."
Cross: "Gin, Smith, atleast you two are okay!"
Hopeanuoli: "Ben! Ben? Ben where are you?"
Cross: "Gin... Ben is... Ben is..."

Akatora: "Gin, Ben lies there, under that rock."
Hopeanuoli: "No, no! Ben!... Who killed him?.. I'll avenge this!"
Moss: "Whelp! Is is true what you said about Jaguar being alive? We are now going to look for him now, and afterwards we'll return to kill the rest of these!"
Hopeanuoli: "STOP!... So you are the one who killed Ben!"

Jaguar: "Dad! You'v been tricked!"
Moss: "Too late, we're fighting now!"

Ben: "Stop! Stop the fighting!"
Ben: "How can the dead rest in peace with all this racket."
Hopeanuoli: "Ben!"
Cross: "Ben!"
Ben: "Moss, we shouldn't be fighting. You'r son is alive and so is Gin. We should be friends, not fighting like enemies."
Moss: "Beautiful words, Ben, but I cannot join you until you've proven yourself to be a real man."
Ben: "Well then. We will solve this with a contest worth of real men. RSP!"

Moss: "It appears you truly are a real man, Ben. We will join your troops."
Ben: "Good. We need you in the battle against the bear Akakabuto."

John: "Hmm... Gin."
Hopeanuoli: "John? How on earth are you here, John?"
John: "I fought the leader in the mountains. And lost, for the first time in my life. I decided to join his pack. I have an important message for you. Akakabuto has managed to gather a huge number of bears under his command. There is no time to loose."
Smith: "So Akakabuto has accuired reinforcements as well."
Ben: "But we are not going there to die. We fight in order to live!"
Moss: "That's the attitude! I for one am going to live for a hundred years!"

Cross: "Gin, you are too young to howl, grow up first!"

Sniper: "Dash it all! The plan was totally wrecked!"
Hyena: "H-how is this possible?"
Sniper: "Get down!"
Hyena: "S-sniper sir! W-what are you going to do?"
Sniper: "You'll see.. Hah hah..."


Wilson: "Finally Moss and his bunch decided to join Ben's pack and now they continue the journey together. The dogs run side by side, tireless. They are joined by a common cause, the will to battle Akakabuto. Finally they arrive at the sea."

Hopeanuoli: "What is this insanely huge puddle here?"
John: "Gin, is it the first time you've seen the sea?"
Hopeanuoli: "The sea.."
John: "Yes, other lands lie beyond it."
Hopeanuoli: "Other lands? Hey wait. I see another land, I can see an another land!"
John: "That's not an another land, It's just Maarianhamina."
Smith: "Are you insane?! That's Shikoku! We're in Japan!"
Ben: "No. We are in Tampere..."

Wilson: "Right... I visited Shikoku when I was working in the circus. On that island, there lives many strong warriors, fighting dogs, a breed that is born to fight."
Hopeanuoli: "Strong warriors? Ben, can I go there?"
Ben: "Whaat..."
Hopeanuoli: "I'd bring the srongest fighting dogs back with me!"
Ben: "You are going to swim all the way there?"
Hopeanuoli: "I am."
Ben: "Impossible."
Hopeanuoli: "But... Bee-een!"
Ben: "We will continue our journey tomorrow. Stop thinking of such nonsense, and go to sleep!"

Wilson: "Gin, are you sure you want to go all by yourself."
Hopeanuoli: "Well, who would go if not me? Ben can't swim all the way there."
Smith: "Yes, for Ben can't even do the dog paddle."
Hopeanuoli: "And that's why I've got to go. Please don't tell Ben."
John: "I'm coming with you."
Smith: "If that guy's coming then I'll go too!"
Tiikeriveljet: "Let's all go!"
Wilson: "You're going to need my help with finding the fighting dogs."
Akatora: "I'll ask old man Moss to look after Ben."
Hopeanuoli: "Thank you, guys."

Wilson: "And so at nightfall, before the tides changes, Gin and the others assemble. They are now ready to go."

Hopeanuoli: "I promise to bring back the strongest of fighting dogs with me. Wish me luck, Ben!"

(Oi Ben / Oh Ben)

Wilson: "After arriving safely on the island of shikoku, Gin's pack watches the fighting dogs from a distance. A tosa dog named Musashi is the current champion. So the dogs decide to go meet him. In order to not frighten him with their number, they send the tiger brothers to negotiate with Musashi."

Chutora: "There the big guy is."
Kurotora: "Let's get him!"
Akatora: "I'll handle the talking."

Akatora: "Hey, you'r comin' with us now!"
Kurotora/chutora: "That's right!"
Musashi: "What?"
Akatora: "It's pointless to resist."

Akatora: "Damn it, humans! Let's scram!"

Chutora: "We failed! Damn humans!"
Kurotora: "Let's get the pack and force the guy to come with us!"
Akatora: "Wait, you hear that? We're being chased!"

Musashi: "Out of the way!"

Hopeanuoli: "What's happened?!!"
Akatora: "The mountain dogs attacked us! Musashi saved me. My brothers..."
Hopeanuoli: "Mountain dogs?"

Musashi: "Yes. They are a dangerous group who live in the mountains."

Musashi: "I knew to expect you. We've heard rumors of you even all the way down here in Shikoku. It was good that you dared to come straight to me."
Hopeanuoli: "Are you going to come with us?"
Musashi: "Of course, young one. I am already too old to fight for any titles, so I'll gladly come with you to defeat the accursed bears."
Hopeanuoli: "Thank you, Musashi."

Musashi's buddy: "The two tigerstriped dogs are being held captive at the mountain temple."

Akatora: "Gin, I am sorry, Gin... Gin, your eyes..."
Hopeanuoli: "What about my eyes?"
Akatora: "Oh Gin..."
Musashi: "It is best to wait until dawn. I'll bring my warriors to help and together we'll rescue you'r friends from the mountain dogs' paws."
Smith: "I'm sure that's the wisest way to go. To think, that even the Kai mutts were beaten by these dogs."
John: "We're going to need all the help we can get."

Hopeanuoli: "Ben, I hope I'm doing the right thing."

Temppelinvartija: "Halt! No one is allowed in the mountain dogs' temple without premission!"
Hopeanuoli: "I was assigned to come to meet your leader!"
Temppelinvartija: "Oh, okay.. I'll go get him."

Kurotora: "No, Gin, this is a trap!"
Hopeanuoli: "I'm not leaving you here!"
Chutora: "Look out!"

Hopeanuoli: "Sniper! You scum! What are you doing here?"
Sniper: "I'm here to send you off to Heaven!"


Smith&muut: "Gin!"
Sniper: "Don't come any closer, or I'll break his neck!"

John: "What was that?!"
Smith: He didn't just break Gins neck, did he?! That bastard!"

Hopeanuoli: "My collar... You cursed tyrant broke my collar! No you'll see just what kind of a mut I really am!"
Sniper: "You...!"

Wilson: "Oh my, he got caught up in a tree."
Sniper: "Shut up! Help me down from here!!!"
Hopeanuoli: "Stay there and think abou what you've done."

Hopeanuoli: "Cross! What are you doing here, Cross?"
Cross: "Gin. I have an important message to you from Ben."
Oliver: "Gin, this woman swam across the sea, even though she's pregnant, just to see you."
Hopeanuoli: "You'r going to have puppies Cross? ... And Ben is the father isn't he?"

Wilson: "Cross had swum to Shikoku, even though she was with pups. She'd come to deliver Gin an important message. She told him that the northern troops had been annihilated, and there was no time to lose."

Hopeanuoli: "Let's go back immedietly!"
Smith: "Bye bye, Sniper!"

Wilson: "And so Gin leads his grown pack across the sea, back to Ben and the others."


Kisaragi+mutsun valtiaat: "We are the the lords of Mutsu!"
Uzuki: "You are part of our pack now!"
Ben: "Hold on a minute. We belong to the pack of the great leader of Oū." Kisaragi: "Fancy that. Soon even the great leader of Oū will bow down to us. Our pack will be the biggest in the world."

Hopeanuoli: "Ben!"
Ben: "Gin! You are here!"
Hopeanuoli: "Of course! And we didn't swim over to Shikoku for nothing, for look what we..."

Hakuro: "Ho-Ho-Hokkaido! Ho-Ho-Hokkaido! Ho-Ho Hokkaido! HOOOOOOKKAIDOO!"

Hakuro: "Hey dudes, check out those rugged males over there! I'll snatch the lot with me and wrap a ribbon around them!"
Hopeanuoli: "You are not taking us anywhere!"
Mutsun kenraalit: "Thats right!"
Hopeanuoli: "What's so funny?"
Hakuro: "A strong youth like yourself will make a perfect gift for the great leader of Oū. The rest I'll keep to myself."
Cross: "Rubbish! We are the soldiers of Oū!"
Hakuro: "Woman!"
Ben: "Ok, let's all just calm down."
Hakuro: "My name is Hakurō. And we come from Hokkaidō. We are the best bearhounds in the whole world, so we assumed that the troops of the great leader of Oū would come and get us. But since nobody showed up, we decided to come by ourselves."

Ben: "I apologize for the misunderstanding, Hakurō. You are more than welcome to the great leader's pack, and to the fight against the bears."
Cross: "What about these?"
Ben: "Let's take them along too. Now that everyone is here, it's time to head back towards Oū. Soon it'll be fullmoon, and the time to assemble is near."
Hopeanuoli & the others: "Understood, Ben!"

Wilson: "And so begins the long journey back to the mountains of Oū, where the great leader is trying all by himself to stand against the bears. The moon is almost full, and the time has come."

(Eteenpäin! / Onward!)


Ben: "I feel like I've forgotten something... Akame?"

Riki: "Listen! Akakabuto has settled in the Twin Pass. It has recruited more henchmen onto its side, but the number of the bears still isn't too big for us to overcome. We will crush Akakabuto's fortress and put an end to its tyranny forever! Comrades, today we fight!"

Chutora: "What are those?"

Oliver: "How lovely little ones. They look just like you two."

Riki: "Ben. I am grateful for the pack you have gathered, and for every single one of its members. But you are not coming with us. You're staying here."
Ben: "But boss.."
Riki: "Your mission is fulfilled. Descend from the mountain and take care of your family."
Ben: "No... No boss, you cannot... No!"

Cross: "Calm down, Ben, wait! I cannot forbid you from fighting for your friends, and for me as well. So go and fulfill your duty! I promise to raise the puppies well, even if you wouldn't return..."
Ben: "Do not shed tears, Cross. I'm not going to die. I'll come back alive. So just wait for me here."


Tiikeriveljekset: "We are the tiger brothers! You are no match for us!"
Hakuro: "I am the brown bear killer Hakurō! You oughta be proud of getting killed by me!"
Musashi: "I am Musashi. I'll give you a taste of a champion's strength!"
Hopeanuoli: "Smith!"
John: "I am John, the terror of the wild beasts of Africa."
Riki: "Ben! You defied my orders!"
Ben: "Attack!"

Ben: "Akatora, are you all right?!"
Akatora: "This time... it might be a bit worse..."
Chutora: "Aniki, what are you saying?"

Akatora: "Strange uknown land lies ahead. Will this journey never end? Fighting, together, we survive..."
Chutora: "Lets slaughter it!"
Ben: "Stop!"
Kurotora: "But!!"
Ben: "We cannot loose you too!"
Chutora: "But!!"
Ben: "Take care of Akatora!"

Riki: "Gin. We are bearhounds, for we were given a gift in birth, the ability to strike fatally."
Hopeanuoli: "To strike fatally?"
Riki: "Yes. You will see what I mean, my son."
Hopeanuoli: "W-what did you call me?"
Riki: "The claws on the front paws are the bears most dangerous weapon, thats why we should attack from behind."
Hopeanuoli: "Yes. Father."

Wilson: "The bearhound Riki was like risen from the dead. During Gin and the others' absence, he had alone defended the wild dogs' territory against all the bears. The bears had attacked Boss from behind, and buried him alive in a gorge.

But, thanks to these blows Riki had regained his lost memories. Suddenly he again remembered the Oldman Gohe, his wife Fuji and Gin. Rage towards Akakabuto blazed furiously inside thim. The leader would not allow Akakabuto to taint the ground with a single dog's blood. This attack, was the final chance to defeat that cruel beast."
Koirat: "Impossible!"
Hopeanuoli: "Presistent devil!"
Smith: "Gin! I brought an old man from the village. He can shoot it."
Gin: "Gohei?"

"Takeda(Huuto)": "You accursed bear!"

(Oūn soturit / Warriors of Oū)

Riki: "Gin... You did great!"
Hopeanuoli: "D-dad..."
Riki: "From.. From this day on, you are the ruler of the twin pass."

(Suru / Sorrow)

Hopeanuoli: "My friends! Akakabuto is finally dead. These mountains are a safe place for wild dogs to live. We lost a lot, but we also won!"

Wilson: "The bloodstained reign of Akakabuto had finally come to its end. No more would its roar echo in the mountains of Oū, were now sounds the victorious howl of the wild dog pack. The dogs howled to honor the memory of their fallen comrades and to tell about the hope of new life, awakened in them by the light of the morning sun.. During thees months Gin had grown into a strong and confident leader. Following in the great leader's paw prints, he would lead his soldiers towards a new, better, tomorrow."

(Tuo huomen / Tomorrow)