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Lue sama suomeksi?


Hopeanuoli!musikaali, translating to Gin! The Musical, is a 2011 Finnish fan-made musical play based on Takahashi Yoshihiro’s manga series Ginga ~ Nagareboshi Gin. A lot of inspiration and narrative solutions were adapted from the animated series based on the manga that aired in 1986.

The musical was created and rehearsed in the winter of 2010-2011, and performed for the first (and intended last) time on September 3rd 2011 at RPG & anime convention Tracon VI, held in the city of Tampere in Finland. This event saw also the guest of honor appearance of Ginga ~ Nagareboshi Gin’s creator, mangaka Takahashi Yoshihiro, who personally thanked the musical crew for the tribute their performance paid to his work.

Why Ginga ~ Nagareboshi Gin, you ask?

The anime adaptation of Ginga ~ Nagareboshi Gin was brought to Finnish viewers on VHS, edited to fit in four tapes, in approximately 1989, rather soon after its original airing in Japan. The Finnish-dubbed release was titled “Hopeanuoli” – translating to Silver Arrow – as was the series’ protagonist.

Due to reasons that can only be speculated, the animated tale of heroic hounds won over the hearts of hundreds of children in Finland and got a reputation as a classic among the generation that grew up watching it.


The adapted script and song lyrics were all written by the crew. Majority of the writing was done by the three original main organizers. Two of them were responsible for the song lyrics. The costumes and make-up, sets, props and choreographies were likewise all planned and executed by the performers themselves. A little help was received from outside forces, for example tips on stage behavior and acrobatics.

The musical is completely produced by voluntary forces, and the crew covers all their traveling, practicing, lunch, costume and prop expenses themselves.

photo © Ville Karvonen

photo © Ville Karvonen

Music & lyrics

All music played in Hopeanuoli!musikaali were tracks from the original soundtrack of the Ginga ~ Nagareboshi Gin animated series. The musical’s music included the anime’s vocal songs as well as background music, all with either loosely translated or completely original Finnish lyrics written by the musical crew. The Finnish musical lyrics were written by Rewe Fagerström and Saara Goncalves. There was some contribution by Kira Yliperttula, Oona Paavilainen and the whole crew. The composers for the anime soundtrack were Kimori Toshiyuki for the vocal songs and Oumi Gorou for the instrumental tracks.

The songs and dialogue was translated in English by Visa Tiitinen and in Japanese by Myy Lohi. The English and Japanese transcripts can be found on the Watch page.


The original Hopeanuoli!musikaali crew consisted of 21 performers as well as 4 supporting members who did not have a character role in the musical.

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